Who Am I?

I write short stories and travel articles. I live in New York City and Kailua, Hawai’i. My work has appeared in Hardboiled, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Northern Virginia Review. I finished my debut novel, a story about a war correspondent in World War II Italy. I am searching for a literary agent to represent my work. 

I also blog at https://ExperimentalTraveler.com. 

My Published Stories


J Almon Polk - Inside

Ian Pierce, an NCIS special agent, is on a hunt for a murderer aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. He tracks the killer down but ends up with an experience that changes him forever.

[Published in the Hardboiled magazine, pages 40-46, Volume 31, January 2004.]

The Other Side of War

J Almon Polk - Other Side of War

On her last day in Naples, Italy, Ashley Mildred, a U.S. navy doctor, reflects on her life with her lover, Marcello Pasquale, an Italian Carabinieri officer, who died in the Afghan war.

[Published in The Northern Virginia Review, pages 61-73, Volume 27, Spring 2013.]

The Cat King of Rome

J Almon Polk - The Cat King

In Rome, Italy, I go on a search for Nelson, a one-eyed cat king of a children’s book. Instead, in an archaeological site, I find a world full of cats and cat-loving people.

[An edited version published as “Cats Among the Ruins” in the 3 February 2009 issue of The Christian Science Monitor.]

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